Poster competition for 1st of May
1st of May is the international Workers' Day.
In Denmark it is a tradition to meet up in i Fælledparken to hear speeches from politicians, watch concerts etc. 
HK is the second largest trade union in Denmark and they had a poster competition for my class, which I won. So my poster was used at their tent with the program for their morning. 
I've chosen to tell the story about the union's core values, but the focal point being 1st of May. 
You see a woman helping a man up, it represents one of the messages. It symbolises that HK will care for you and help you. They will lift you when you are in trouble.  
To show it is the 1st of may I've chosen the classic icon of the red flag. The flag surrounds the earth and the people, it shows that there is a strong bond in HK, but also between everyone at this day. The globe shows the international aspect of the day.
The man who holds the flag is standing strong and immovable, he is the front figure for HK, who must be persistent for the sake of their members.
You wanna be on top?