Through my internship at Essencius A/S and also after as a student assistant there, I've worked with social media for different companies. I enjoyed it a lot and would love to do more original stuff with own photos and video material. 
I participated in the idea process, planning the shoots and making content plans, shopping for props, shooting and editing films and photos. 

Underneath are some exampals of posts on Facebook I've either contributed to or made on my own. 
Solar Polaris
For Solar Polaris I made quite a few posts on my own, so I worked with a content plan. There was always a content plan for SoMe, but this one I was in charge of. It was mostly video editing with stock video clips I had to find. 
Anthon Berg
For Anthon Berg I was mostly working with others, on some photos more than others. Here are some I was in on.
I was in charge of a few posts, using stock material and already taken photos and I also made a small animation. 
Here are gifs of a couple of the short videos. 
I didn't make the graphics but animated/edited a few videos for them. Here is an example:
You wanna be on top?